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December 14, 2017
3:26 AM

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                      Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority
   New Recycling Reporting Format 
   for all Schools, Businesses, Private and Multi-Family Communities 

In March 2005, the NJDEP unveiled an updated State Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP).  One of the major goals of the Plan was to reinvigorate recycling through education and enforcement, to achieve a 50% municipal solid waste (MSW) recycling rate throughout the state of New Jersey.  In turn, Sussex County amended its district SWMP to specifically address strategies to achieve this goal.  Currently, Sussex County’s MSW recycling rate is 40%, (2012 statistics).  The overall state rate was 44% (MSW) in 2012.   
The SCMUA is reaffirming its commitment to document actual recycling efforts by residents and businesses in Sussex County.  “Many residents, businesses and schools are already removing recyclable materials from the waste stream, however they may be unaware of the importance of properly reporting their recycling efforts,” explains Reenee Casapulla, SCMUA Recycling Coordinator.    
There is a new format for all schools, businesses, private and multi-family communities to report recycling tonnage collected in 2014.  Pursuant to State law, every year the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) requires municipalities throughout the state to submit tonnage reports of recyclable material collected from the previous calendar year.  Based on the information submitted the NJDEP determines county and state recycling rates.
Most municipalities in Sussex County have small populations and share zip codes so it is often difficult to obtain accurate recycling data, especially from large businesses and corporations.  There is also confusion among small businesses and schools as to what recyclable materials should be reported, and by whom.  In their role of promoting and ensuring compliance with New Jersey’s mandatory recycling regulations, NJDEP has notified local and county officials, solid waste transporters and facility operators to remind them of mandates to separate recyclables “at the point of generation” and providing records of the recycling tonnage to respective municipalities. 
In a cooperative effort between the SCMUA and Municipal Recycling Coordinators, schools, businesses, private and multi-family communities will be notified to provide tonnage reports for the various materials diverted from the solid waste stream for 2014.  The Sussex County Annual Recycling Report forms will be distributed by Municipal Recycling Coordinators throughout the 24 Sussex County communities.  The forms list over 30 materials NJDEP identifies as viable commodities that should be tracked, by municipality, in achieving the state’s recycling goal.  Recycling and solid waste haulers that serve the county have also been made aware of the effort to collect the recycling tonnage data.  “By completing the 2014 Recycling Report form businesses, schools and communities will have the opportunity to reassess their existing collection programs and join the effort to reinvigorate recycling in New Jersey”, said Reenee Casapulla.  All completed forms should be returned to the SCMUA by March 15, 2015 so that municipal reports can be prepared for submission to NJDEP.
The development and promotion of the Annual Recycling Report is part of the County’s strategy to achieve the recycling tonnage target of 50%.  In addition, comprehensive school and business recycling programs are being developed, along with providing recycling education and outreach programs.  As another recycling initiative, the SCMUA currently hosts four (4) Electronic Waste and two (2) Household Hazardous Waste events for Sussex County residents and businesses.  In addition, the SCMUA manages a Recycling Center year-round at its Landfill Facility in Lafayette to provide various free recycling services.  Please contact the SCMUA or visit the website for more information.

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