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September 25, 2023
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  Earth Day 2018
A collection of photos from the Earth Day 2018 event
  Earth Day 2017
A collection of photos from the Earth Day 2017 event.
  Stage 1 Landfill Life Extension Project
The landfill was constructed in 1990 has a current capacity of 1,018,000 cubic yards and receives solid waste from twenty-four municipalities in Sussex County. Improvements included an access road, installation of a mechanically stabilized earthen berm, an extended base liner, a drain system, a leachate side-riser system, a stormwater collection berm, and electrical work. The MSE berm ranges from 10 to 17 feet high, and is the first MSE berm to be approved and constructed in New Jersey at a Solid Waste Landfill. Non-recyclable waste is sent to the landfill, placed in lifts and compacted in place. The expanded landfill will have gained an additional capacity of approximately 5,600,000 cubic yards.

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