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September 25, 2023
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Solid Waste Facility  
Vegetative Waste   
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The Vegetative Waste Facility consists of a dedicated section of the Solid Waste Facility. Leaves, grass clippings and brush can be dropped off by residents, municipal collection crews and commercial haulers. The leaves and grass clippings are stock piled and then formed into extended piles referred to as windrows. A mechanical windrow turning machine then passes over the piles, where the machine remixes and aerates the leaves and grass. Composting of the leaves is accomplished in about 5 to 6 months. Trees and brush may also be brought to the Vegetative Waste Facility where a tub grinder is used to chip small diameter trees and brush into a mulch type product available to area residents and businesses. 

Section of SCMUA 2022 Rate Schedule

 VII.          Brush, Grass and Lawn Clippings (ID 23)
Charge for drop-off of leaves, brush and lawn clippings shall be $40.00 per ton.  Minimum charge shall be $5.00 per load.  Passenger type vehicles (i.e. automobiles, minivans, SUV's) shall not be charged for diminimus amounts of ID23.  Any vehicles with two (2) or less barrels/bags of leaves, brush or lawn clippings shall be determined as diminimus amounts and shall not be charged for disposal. Anything over said diminimus amount, customer must pay for the entire load. Brush shall be separated from grass clippings and loose leaves, (and vice versa) and, subject to improper disposal charges if not properly separated.

Loading Charges for Mulch/Compost shall be as follows:
            •           Mulch                           $ 5       per Cubic Yard
            •           Mulch Colorized         $20      per Cubic Yard
            •           Compost                      $ 5       per Cubic Yard
            Appointment for loading advised for large quantities.


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