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May 31, 2023
10:10 PM

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Solid Waste Facility  
SCMUA Landfill Gas to Energy Plant  
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SCMUA Landfill Gas to Energy Plan


The Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority, in conjunction with Energenic, LLC and its subsidiary, Sussex Landfill Energy (SXLE), is proud to announce the June 2011 operation of a new, advanced 3.2 -megawatt landfill gas to energy (LFGTE) facility at the SCMUA Solid Waste Facility in Lafayette. Methane is a constituent of landfill gas that is produced in landfills when organic waste decomposes. The methane is extracted from wells installed by SCMUA in the landfill and a series of pipes deliver the methane gas to the Energenic/SXLE power generating station consisting of two (2) Caterpillar 3520 reciprocating engines. The methane that is recovered from the SCMUA landfill is used as an energy source, thus eliminating the greenhouse effect of its emissions.  The electricity produced by the LFGTE Project is sold and conveyed into the energy grid via an interconnect to JCP&L utilities.  The SCMUA will share in LFGTE revenue with Energenic/SXLE.  Landfill gas-to-energy facilities help to reduce dependence on other natural resources and improve air quality and carbon emissions.  The energy produced from this facility has the capability to provide electricity to approximately 2,000 homes. The greenhouse gas emissions reduction from this project is equivalent to taking nearly 26,000 cars off the road, or the same amount of carbon naturally sequestered by about 29,000 acres of pine or fir forests.  Energenic responded to a Request for Proposal for a LFGTE Project and was selected by SCMUA.  The new LFGTE Facility is built on land leased from the SCMUA by Energenic/SXLE.  The existing SCMUA flare will act as a back-up to the LFGTE Facility, thereby ensuring that landfill gas is properly managed at all times.



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