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November 29, 2022
7:30 PM

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2022 Recycling Event Schedule

Connect the dots and do your part in keeping
Sussex County New Jersey’s GREENEST county!
When, where & what should I recycle at the SCMUA?
When:           Monday - Saturday, 7:00 am - 2:00 pm
Where:          SCMUA Recycling Center @ 34 South Rt. 94, Lafayette, New Jersey
What:            The SCMUA provides a comprehensive Recycling Center for residents and businesses. 
                                       These services are provided free of charge to residents.


What can I bring to the SCMUA Recycling Center?
 The Recycling Center accepts the following Recyclable Materials: 
          Commingled Bottles & Cans - Containers
 Glass Jars & Bottles - All Colors 
                   Plastic Containers - #1, #2, and #5
                   Tin, Steel & Aluminum Bakery & Beverage Containers
                                (Please rinse all containers)

             Mixed Fiber
               Junkmail, Magazines, Catalogs, Mixed Office Paper
                   Chipboard: Food, cereal & other gray, brown, or white fiber boxes
                   Shredded Paper, Paper Back Books 
                           (Hardcover Books - Remove covers & recycle with cardboard)

               Bundled or Loose (Bundled Preferred)

Corrugated Cardboard & Brown Bags
               All Cardboard Boxes - Big & Small
                   Pizza Boxes - No Food Residue
                   Brown Paper Bags
                   Chipboard: Food, cereal & other gray, brown or white fiber boxes


Oil & Antifreeze
               5 Gallon Limit per Customer, per day
                   No Gasoline or Home Heating Oil
                   No Mixing

Rechargeable & Hazardous Batteries
               No Alkaline Batteries (single-use batteries are regular garbage)
                   New Sorting Requirements 
                   Quantity Limits

Cell Phones for Soldiers
               No Home Phones
                   Can Include All Peripherals


Flag Collection
                   Remove All Wood & Metal Posts

How do I recycle this? 
                      SCMUA Current Programs
                              SCMUA Solid Waste/Recycling Facility Information

 Household Battery Disposal                  

 Computers & other E-Waste                 Document Destruction  
 Home Medical Waste                                     Household Hazardous Waste
 Fluorescent Lamps                                         Rigid Plastic Items

Single Stream Recycling                        Packaging Foam Recycling Program       


Want More Information?  2022 SCMUA Recycling Event Schedule
    Business Recycling - NJ WasteWise Program    
NJDEP Recycling 


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