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ATTENTION:    Commercial, Private and Local Government Recycling Haulers

DATE:                 January 17, 2023

SUBJECT:          SCMUA Guidelines for Recyclable Materials






Notice to all Commercial, Private and Local Government Haulers that deliver recyclable material to the SCMUA Solid Waste/Recycling Facility.  The following are the SCMUA Guidelines for unacceptable materials in the recycling stream.




All haulers that bring recyclable materials to the SCMUA Bulky Waste/Recycling Building will need to weigh in and receive a tag at the Scalehouse, for each load. 


Any recyclables delivered to the SCMUA Facility cannot contain any of the following contaminates:


  • Plastic bags/film/packaging material
  • Construction debris (wood/metal/glass)
  • Food waste
  • Hazardous materials


Haulers with contaminated material can and will be assessed re-loading & disposal charges, in addition to potential enforcement penalties, in accordance with the SCMUA 2023 Rate Schedule. 


The SCMUA has dedicated operations staff and resources, to maintain clean recycling streams at the Solid Waste/Recycling Facility.  We ask for the cooperation of all those who utilize the facility, to ensure the above requirements are adhered to. 



Contact: Dawn Latincsics, SCMUA Recycling Coordinator                     @ 973-579-6998   Ext 107 or


Thank you for your continued efforts promoting recycling in Sussex County.


Learn more about the SCMUA Single Stream Notice

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